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Dharan is a story of friendship between a 6 year old urban girl and an 8 year old rural boy who devises a way to save the boy’s house from being drowned in the catchment of the proposed dam.



Dharan is a story of friendship between a six-year-old urban girl and an eight-year-old rural boy. Inquisitive Charcha, travels to a village near Satara district in western Maharashtra with her father on his official tour. Her father is a water resources officer who has arrived to inspect a water dam site. They settle in a circuit house.

In the hour of load shading at night, Charcha walks out of her room in search of her father –  wearing a white nightdress, holding a candle in her hand.  She bumps into Panya, a shy rural boy who is a nephew of the caretakers at circuit house.


He confuses her for an evil spirit and runs away in fear leaving Charcha mind boggled. Although Panya realizes, she is no ghost by their second encounter, the running away continues. It adds to Charcha’s loneliness who’s already unable to function without her mother. She breaks down. Panya realizes his mistake. In the guilt of his ignorant behavior, Panya apologizes to her and after some gifts, with lots of persistence – They become friends.


Their friendship is flowering in the backdrop of protest existent in the village against the proposed dam. When Panya takes Charcha to his home to show around, his mother learns whose daughter she is. The dam being sanctioned by Charcha’s father will put Panya’s house and property into the water catchment.


This leads to an interpersonal conflict as well as social conflict within them. In their own simple world – How do they solve the problem of this magnitude with their compassion and empathy?


Dharan-Akhilesh akhilesh


Dharan-Panya panya




Dharan-Amit amya


Dharan-Vishnu vishnu




Akhilesh is practical man who is an executive engineer in water resources department. He is remarried and fathers a girl whose childishness is unbearable for his age. He loves his family as much of any man but handling Charcha singularly is what he struggles with all the time. In the film he comes across as clear and strong voice who keeps his beliefs and principles in order.



Panya is an 8-year-old boy who lives in a village, which is small enough just to have a primary school. He is educationally backwards but posses a heck of common sense. He has a nuclear family too but they are much more connected to each other than Charcha’s family. He is fond of his aunt Sharada who helps his uncle to run the circuit house. When he meets Charcha, his worldview widens.



Charcha is a 6-Year-old urban girl living in a nuclear family with both parents working. Her life is digitalized. Open-air activity is replaced by play area in a fancy mall – friends have been replaced by games on phone. She practically lives in an alternate reality created digitally. Many a times she deals with her own problems as her mother or father is indulge in their own lives, making her mature for her age.When she meets Panya in the village, he life experiences changes it’s nature.



Amya aka Amit is a childhood friend of Panya who is also a couple of years older to him. He doesn’t come from a well to do family but has an optimistic way of living. He is growing up into an adult and has a completely unique policy to react on everything he witnesses.



Vishnu heads a simple orthodox family who believes in heritage and a typical way of living. He doesn’t wish to turn with the wind and stands for his thoughts no matter how intense it can get. He shares an autocratic relationship with his son in which he wants his son to simply follow him the way he followed his father. In the film, he comes across as an extremist with a strong and untamable voice.